Montana Wild Cats

Montana Wild Cats
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Montana Jazz from:

Jack Walrath - trumpet     Philip Aaberg - Piano   Kelly Roberti - bass

You know this music came up the river.

It came hopping the Great Northern Empire Builder.

It came on Red River carts and painted ponies.

It came in the clouds, riding the wind, down into the badlands,
up through the ground

through the roots of the cottonwood trees back into the big sky.

And it reached Jack in Edgar, Montana.

Kelly in Malta, Montana.

And me in Chester, Montana.

It's yours now.

-Phil Aaberg


1. Country Slickers 2. Jack's Arcade 3. Makoshika 4.Montana/Edgar Wildcats 5. Phillips County 3-step 6. Blue Coulee 7. Chief Joseph's Lament  8. The Final Drum  9. Goodbye, Old Guy    

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