Field Notes - album download

Field Notes - album download
  • Item #: SGM0002DD
  • Manufacturer: Sweetgrass Music
21 tracks - original music from Philip Aaberg from 3 projects: Barry Lopez Field Notes book on tape tracks 1-13 Homecoming, At One Point I See Antelope, Within Birds' Hearing, Lessons from the Wolverine, West Along the Fjord, The Open Lot, Teal Creek, Entreaty, The Bells of the Abandoned St. Mary's, Winter Came, The Grace Note of the Canyon Wren, The Forgiving Water, Forgiveness, Montana Repertory Theatre production of To Kill A Mockingbird tracks 14-18 Boo Radley, Atticus Finch, Jem and Scout, Big Low Banjer, The Trial Big Sky Spinning - music, dance and stories of Montana by Celeste Miller and Philip Aaberg tracks 19-21 Sweet Betsy from Pike, You'll Never Know, Don't Stop Now
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