Blue West - album download

Blue West - album download
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  • Manufacturer: Sweetgrass Music
"Listening to Blue West is like taking a long summer swim in a Montana river. Simple yet gracefully adorned, that's the heart of the blues. Raucous yet bittersweet, evoking atmosphere, moving the listener as no other art form can." - Mariss McTucker, MT State of the Arts Newspaper A road doesn't always just take us around the block. Occasionally, I'll abandon tradition and use what Zawinul calls "crystal structure" form. You can hear it on "Yellowstone Paddlewheel" where, when the slow funky gospel feel comes back, it's like traveling on a river... you're on the same boat, but there's something new around every bend. - Philip Aaberg, June 2005 Song Titles: Keep Walkin', Sea Level Shuffle (part 1), Yellowstone Paddlewheel, That Train, Rocky Boy Blues, Double Back At 'Ya, Take Your Time, Blue West, The Dream of Montana Taylor, Little Brother, Fourteen Dollars, Wumper's Old Man, Sea Level Shuffle (part 2), Coyote Midnight Blues
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